Prayer by Smithaasonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Nov. 05, 2017 03:22 AM (#1001)
Prayer:  Destroy the power of my own sister neelamkiran kiran Guptaa to cause me bad reputation.sto her from her lying against me and stop her from politically playing against me and rejoicing.stop all the curse coming from Ramshri gupta and make her behave genuinely nice and stop her from causing indirect and direct damages to smithaa sonam Guptaa .stop all evil,evil eyes,blackmagic,witchcraft power and effect done by Sarika Prema Sunderlal gupta and her father and her brother and sister upon smithaa Sonam Guptaa and family and our finance and our unity and happiness and our good relationships.d destroy the power of witchcraft and evil and negativity sent by geeta Sunita gupta sundaram and her evil children permanently.destroy the power and effect of all financial crisis and negativity sent by geeta mishkaa khanna and her evil family members upon Smithaa sonam guptaa and all family members and let all financial crisis done by her upon me and my family backfire upon her permanently and never come back to us...destroy the power of my sister neelamkiran kiran Guptaa to instigate me to fight with her permanently and stop her from abusing my money power.destroy all the blackmagic and curse places on smithaa sonam Guptaa thin curvatous physical figure and youthful and beauty and wisdom.destroy every curse jinx blackmagic done by sushma Om prakash Gupta and her husband and her sonam and family and it should backfire straight away to them and never come back to us and snatch all our Goodluck prosperity riches uppercrest life from them permanently and they cannot speak hex or destroy our positive powers

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