Prayer by Smithaasonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Nov. 08, 2017 05:16 PM (#1003)
Prayer:  By the power of Violet flame and almighty father lord,destroy the power and effect of all blackmagic,even the most powerful witchcraft and mind control done by Rajni Makhija and her supporters against smithaa sonam Guptaa and neelamkiran kiran Guptaa and all our family members.permanently stop all sickness,financial crisis,unhappiness amongst family membersthat rajni makhija,vispy shaw,minal patel,geeta usha shaw,girdhari jaisingh,meghna jaisingh,nilesh desai,his son and kavita chablani,saroj ailani andall the others involved are sending to smithaa sonam Guptaa,neelam kiran Guptaa,anuj gupta and Ramshri gupta and Sarika omprakash the power of Violet flame,destroy all the works of the enemies whether seen unseen visible or invisible against smithaa sonam guptaa and family and fill each and every enemy with so much fear that all their mistakes are caught in the eyes of the public.Destroy the power of Rajni makhija'mightiest blackmagic and put her to shame for all the wrong doings against us.r reunite smithaa sonam guptaa and family in perfect bliss harmony prosperity riches happiness and permanently stop all unwanted fights now until eternity.Amen

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