Prayer by Neelam Kiran guptaa

Date & Time:  (#1005)
Prayer:  By the mighty power of Violet flame,permanently heal the spinal chord and neck region of neelam Kiran guptaa's body and fortify the nervous and immune system and bones and blood of neelam kiran guptaa.By the power of Violet flame,permanently remove old fashioned Orthodox and fearful thinking from the mind of neelam Kiran guptaa permanently and permanently make her mental Brain powers into sharp vigilant focused independent clear understanding fast learning mental powers and to understand the behaviours of people and very prompt action.Permanently remove bad habits such as laziness,constant fault finding with everything,irritating,irrational illogical thinking behaviour and replace with good values,modern thinking and happiness and cheerfulness.destroy the power of blackmagic done by Nisha George,Sana sheikh,savio dsouza,Anita Mehta and Lucy and Aparna and Sonal solanki chudasma,joyce dsouza to hurt harm harress Neelam Kiran guptaa and family and our finance,riches,luxury ,good health ,good relationships permanently.Destroy the powers of blackmagic and spiritual wickedness done to hurt harm harress Neelam Kiran guptaa and her family members and finance and good health and good reputation and good genuine friendships and relationships permanently and reveal who else is the real enemy who has been hiding for so long.destroy the works of Nisha George who is doing blackmagic on our family and finance and permanently backfire all mental madness,unhappiness ,fear,physical weakness, the power of Violet flame,destroy the evil eyes of people who are trying to create arguments and fights and disharmony financial problems between smithaa sonam guptaa and neelam kiran guptaa out smithaa sonam guptaa.

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