Prayer by Smithaasonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Nov. 20, 2017 03:49 AM (#1012)
Prayer:  By the mighty power of Violet flame and father Lord,miraculously and permanently empower smithaa sonam guptaa with youth and beauty physically,make smithaa sonam very thin curvatious oozing with sensuality and sexuality and positive powers and everlasting youth charisma continuously and permanently and miraculously transform smithaa sonam guptaa to ultimate beauty that no one can steal hex harm or destroy,so that people stop making fun of my looks please.please empower smithaa sonam guptaa with a handsome salary and high job designation and permanently remove all curse and evil eyes laid on smithaa sonam guptaa's incoming finance,positive fame,powers and wisdom and money power and investment permanently.kill every evil eye and cursed words done to supress smithaa sonam guptaa permanently.let there be permanent victory in every endeavour she takes.amen

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