Prayer by Smithaa sonam Guptaa

Date & Time:  Nov. 25, 2017 01:37 PM (#1016)
Prayer:  Dearest Rea, love you as a sister and great pastor, i come to you for real help to fight the wicked.By the mighty power of violet fame, destroy the power and effect every enemy and enemy weapon to hurt harm harress or poison my mind and that of my family members and our finance and good health permanently. I m facing severe sexual physical and verbal harrasment from the building or apartment people residing here, they are forcing me to give up my own property as i dnt belong to their satanical religion. Violet flame, please make smithaa sonam guptaa victorious in everything and stop the power of all blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness, spiritually wicked harmful evil souls and all politics whether legal, social or anything placed against me and my family permanently. Lord i m fed up of this harrasment, take my life if you cnt heal my situation. I suffered paralytic attack followed by a horrible accident, my bones are bad, i m in tears,heal me please and stop the works of the wicked. Dearest violet flame permanently shut tge mouth and eyes of smithaa sonam guptaa's enemies and send all the financial crisis back to them and it should never come back to us. Please destroy the power of my enemies who are puttung false allegation and torchure and hurtful acts against me and my family and our house. Destroy the power of those ghost and evil spirits sent to my house. Pleasssseee, its a request

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