Prayer by Ramshri gupta

Date & Time:  Nov. 30, 2017 12:50 AM (#1018)
Prayer:  Dearest Violet flame and father lord, heal the immunity power of ramshri gupta'body and heal all her organs heart and bones blood and viens, strengthen them with fortitude permanently. Miraculously get her instant fast easy healing free medical help for her both eyes and favour in the eyes of the doctor. Get her cataract operation for both eyes successful, heal her eyesnow and forever and until eternity.Heal the mind of Ramshri gupta and broaden her horizon of thinking and understanding and acceptance for herself and others and of life situation permanently. Let ramshri gupta be able yo see who her friends and enemies are and take right decision at right time at right place. Heal ramshri gupta'heart with love cheerfulness positivity permanently and make her smart and clever permanently. Permanently remove all her frustration unhappiness negative mindset, lack of understanding, cribbing crying, fears, insecurities, harshness,detachment frim herself and family permanently. Fill her with love for herself and family permanently.let ramshri gupta's skin glow with beautiful clear complexion and her body fillef with strength and vitality and hair grow beautifully shaping her personality into young beautiful and blessed woman permanently. Let her bask in the glory of wisdom and goodfinance permanently. Stop her tongue from being harsh and judgemental permanently and fill her tongue with sweetness to be loved by all permanently. Amen

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