Prayer by Neelakiran guptaa

Date & Time:  Dec. 10, 2017 03:51 PM (#1024)
Prayer:  Dearest Violet Flame and father lord, destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness and the other party who are trying to hurt harm harress neelam kiran guptaa and her finances and her blessings and her positivity, talents, riches, youthfulbeauty, wisdom, good relationships, understanding and cheerfulness permanently. Dearest violet flame, heal all the 7chakras of neelam kiran guptaa's body mind spirit soul and let there be permanent balance of all these 7chakras and remove all curses put on her body by jealous people due to which she suffered paun, stress, weakness, lavk of vitality and beauty permanently and remove all obesity from her body and fortify her body with strength glamour beauty permanently. Dearest violet flame, permanently remove curses, hexes, jinx, evil eyes laid upon neelam kiran guptaa by her jealius colleagues and friends over her beauty, wisdim, hardwork, skills, good relationships, finance and comforts in life permanently. Send forth ur legions of angels, violet flame that all the happiness cheerfulness laughter positivity, blessings are restored in her life permanently. Amen

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