Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Feb. 04, 2018 11:19 AM (#1054)
Prayer:  Dearest Violet flame and father lord, permanently destroy every evileyes, jealous intention, curses, hex, demonic possesion, blackmagic, witchcraft, sorcery, any spiritual wickedness, any negativity, any bondages, blockages done to hurt harm harress any dimension of smithaa sonam guptaa's life. Dearest violet flame restore the finances, opportunities and powers of smithaa sonam guptaa and destroy every blockages of jealous enemies who are constantly plotting worrying blocking, doing political drama against smithaa sonam guptaa. Release now and until eternity your angels, for smithaasonam guptaa, she needs you violet flame, she loves you, restore her youth and beauty and suck out every illness in her bones blood tissues skin permanently. Loving violet flame, destroy all the blockages created by enemies which has stopped her amazing brainpower and her spiritual powers. Release your goodness, violetflame over smithaa sonam guptaa permanently,let ur fleet of angels guard and protect and love her and let no enemies evil power every touch her or her family members please. Amen

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