Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Feb. 04, 2018 11:26 AM (#1055)
Prayer:  Dearest violet flame and father lord, only you have the power of revelation, so reveal very clearly to smithaa sonam guptaawhat evil objects have been placed by her enemies to block her and cause her sickness. Dearest violet flame help her to release, those objects in the coming week and free her space from all that. Release only those objects which are cursed and help her to know where those objects inwhich form have been placed. Do it for her please. Release those objects which are causing her financial ruins. Resurrect her life, she needs you violet flame, let her shine and glow in the face of those enemies who are hurting her life so bad.violet flame, destroy every power of every enemy of smithaa sonam guptaa to stand against her. Reveal to smithaa sonam guptaa the real working secrets of spiritual worlds that resurrects her life. Let her be the angel of this beautiful violet flame. Amen.

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