Prayer by Neelam kiran guptaa

Date & Time:  Feb. 16, 2018 02:47 PM (#1057)
Prayer:  Father lord and dearest violet flame, remove every pain and sufferings from the life of neelam kiran guptaa and remove every power of darkness, lonliness, unhappiness from her live permanently. Father lord and mighty violet flame,bring permanent strength health and vitality in the bones, blood, tissues and every organ of neelamkiran guptaa. Dearest violet flame, heal the skin condition on neelam kiran guptaa 's face and heal her face with youthful beauty, charisma, charm, attraction permanently. Heal neelam kiran guptaa mind power and her power of learning and development and rising above everyone with the power of voilet flame. Cover her with your positivity throughtout with the power of violet flame. Let neelamkiran guptaa'slife be healed, resurrected,enriched with growing incoming finances, goodhealth, cheerfulness positivity, love, genuine helpful friends, loving life partner permanently. By the power of violet flame,remove all darkness in her love life and bring her a life partner of her dreams,the man that is so perfect for her and enriches her life. Violet flame cover her with ur strength, uplift her, remove sadness and evil people from her life and bring her body in perfect thin beautiful shape that makes her look more beautiful and attractive permanently. Help her violet flame to erase all negativity accumulated in her mind and release her frim it and fill her mind with sharpness clarity, power to learn new things, remember them and rise and upskill herself permanently. Violet flame, remove curse and fear placed on her mind power and stop the power of those evil people who bully and mock at her at her workplace. Violet flame, by ur mighty power,rise her above all and give her a high place at her workplace. Let her hardwork be honored and those jealous of her have no place permanently.

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