Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Feb. 16, 2018 03:07 PM (#1058)
Prayer:  Dearest Violet flame, remove every power of darkness, witchcraft, sorcery done to hurt harm harress smithaa sonam guptaa permanently. With the power of your flame, violet fire remove all curse, jinx, hex, spiritual wickedness, sorcery, witchcraft, mindcontrol,hypnosis done to hurt harm harress smithaa sonam guptaa permanently. Violet flame, remove all curse placed in the mind power of smithaa sonam guptaa and destroy all forces of darkness which are stopping her growth, vision, clarity, skills, learning and development permanently. Violet flame permanently fill smithaa sonam guptaa with ur miracles and miraculous powers that no one can steal hex or destroy in her.Violet flame, remove all forces of darkness on her body and bones, blood, brain, tissues, skin permanently and heal her skin condition and let all the positivity run into her mind body spirit soul from head to toe permanently.let ur positive powers shine into her from head to toe permanently. Let people see the powers of violet flane shining and powerfully protecting smithaa sonam guptaa permanently.let the miraculous powers of violet flame make smithaa sonam guptaa very thin curvatious sensual appealing attractive in her physical body permanently and let the violet flame remove all demonic possession who are for no reason making her body useless and weird permanently.with the power of violet flame, heal the face of smithaa sonam guptaa with angel powers youthful beauty, attractive, smooth soft clear skin, gorgeous, elegant classy, glamorous enchanting permanently and no one can steal hex or destroy her charm permanently. With ur power violet glame, you are permanently opening the doors of wisdom enlightenment,mental focus, increased learning and development secret knowledge of every science, upskilling polishing her to the optimum heights and no one can stop her permanently. Violet flame, destroy every blockages placed by enemies in her area of incoming finances, job opportunities and luxury and comforts permanently. Let the violet flame open the doors to better employment and uppercrest rich people to be with her and aid her bussiness and job prospects permanently. Violet flame open all your positive powers that smithaasonam guptaa is able to recieve enjoy multiple her blessings and skills and no one can stop her from doing this. Violet flame suck out every depression and mental blockages and all negativity placed by evil demons and jealous people over her. Amen

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