Prayer by Carl Z

Date & Time:  (#1083)
Prayer:  I would like you to pray for me and those I love, and those that love me who I may or may not know personally and/or have forgotten about.
I have a lot of spiritual enemies and now that I have beaten down a lot of them through active faith and constant prayer (including to St. Michael), I really don't want those same entities going after anyone who loves me to get revenge. Please pray that they are always protected, especially the elderly and the young alike. Keep them from worry, fear, doubts of God's love and special protection over them, etc. Thank you!
Pray especially for Conner Michael who is 10 yrs. old, Preston who is 8, Riley who is 9, Michaela who is 4, and my Uncle Carl who is very ill at the age of 95, my Aunt Amy who is also ill and elderly, my Aunt Flo and Grandma who I really don't want to suffer lonliness, and pray especially for my sister Bethany who is soon to have a child due in October! Pray for a safe delivery and a precious little boy!
And also pray for me, my mom, and dad...we always seem to be getting attacked spiritually and could really use all the prayers, help, and protection from God and His Angels. Thank you very much...

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