Prayer by Jyoti Pandey

Date & Time:  May 23, 2018 07:20 AM (#1088)
Prayer:  Respected, I am a female named Jyoti Pandey. I was born on 1981 December 02. I live in Lalitpur district in the outskirts of capital city, Kathmandu in Nepal. I want to share one deepest pains,sufferings & personal intention about me. Please call on the heavens on my behalf!!! & please circulate this intention among the healers if you have healers team.It's been more than a decade my parents are looking a man to help me get married.I also want to settle down & live a blessed marital life with my husband. Please send me huge very strong permanent healings, prayers, sacred activations, the highest form of healing modalities you use, blessings with this intention of mine.I have found a root cause of my sufferings a healer told that about 6 lifetime before I was a male My girlfriend betrayed me for another man in that life.I loved her truely more than myself. So to protect myself from any further harm I took a vow of celibacy. Please help me release it across all lifetimes & to be blessed with divine partner in all my lives, who I will get married to & live happily ever after in all of my lives. May I & my spouse have sexual relation only with eachother in all of my lives & be blessed with children. I forgive the man within me who took that vow of celebacy & also the girl who betrayed me. May all the sufferings be blessed & changed permanently to love and light full blessings. Honestly in this lifetime, I want to find someone who is under Divine Selection & is just my type. A man who is Independent, well groomed, financially stable, has very strong moral values, conventional, spiritual, One woman man who is chaste,virgin, decent, well educated man & from my faith, culture, Values, religion and caste. Man who is conventional like me & believes in having sex only with his wife after a sacred union of marriage & remains faithful throughout the life. God please permanently dissolve & completely remove all of my & my future husband barriers to marriage, love,sex with eachother. May we both share our values,both meet develop trust in the first meeting accept & marry each other within this year 2018.After our marriage we both have deep love,honesty & sexual relationship only with eachother throughout our life. Bless us to live a trust worthy,honest,happy, blessed life with each other.God bless us with Angelic Souls having longlife as our babies.God please shower your blessings,protection on all levels,mercy,abundance, healings on both of us &our parents,ancestors, siblings,families & future children.Amen, Thanks so much. I am giving you & your team blessings from my soul. May God bless you all, your all lifetimes, your family & friends forever & ever. Amen, Thanks so much God. Amen.

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