Prayer by Smithaa Guptaa

Date & Time:  Jun. 20, 2018 01:18 PM (#1125)
Prayer:  By the power of violet flame, destroy every power of my employer to hurt harm, harress me sexually, emotionally or threaten me to kick me out of my job. Father lord, destroy the power of my employer and his illicit girlfriend who also works in the same office to cause any harm. Violet flame cause destruction to my employer immediately so that all his evil planing against me fails and backfires on him and ruins his finances.violet flame permanently destroy the illicit girlfriend of my employer because i know fr all these months she has been doing vodoo magic to make me sick. I hve been pale skin, my milk white skin has turned pale, i want her witchcraft powers to fail permanently. Violet flame, destroy every evil power attacking my talent , youth , beauty to go back to the sender now and permanently.

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