Prayer by Lindan

Date & Time:  Jun. 25, 2018 10:10 AM (#1126)
Prayer:  Going through a difficult moment in my life. Got suspended from my teaching job. Devil is attacking my job, my freedom, my finance and trying to take everything I've worked for. Going through a court case that drains me financially, emotionally. The devil is trying to rob me of my pension and gratuity I have worked for 30 years. Trying to put me on the streets. Right now it feels like I am losing everything. I've prayed so much, feels my prayers are not being answered. I need prayers desperately. I need a miracle from God to clear me of all these charges and that I DO NOT lose my job, my home nor my pension or gratuity and that I get my full salary. That God restore me double and He uses my story for His glory. I cannot lose my job, pension or gratuity. I've worked too hard for it.

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