Prayer by jassi Jassi

Date & Time:  Aug. 23, 2018 03:06 PM (#1149)
Prayer:  Please pray for me, Lord Jesus my father please help me please save me from all the tensions and stress I am bearing Now, Lord Jesus my father as u know everything about me, lord as I was suffering from my hand pain from so many months I went to doctor and got to know that I am suffering from rumatoid arthritis, lord your child is depressed totally broken and I have no strength to handle my pain, lord doctor gave medicines and infection is so much he prescribed medicines for three months after that he will take a test and later he will check how much infection is cleared, Lord Jesus please help me do miracle Now Lord touch me and heal me Now, lord I can't bend my hand I have severe stiffness and pain my hand lord heal me Now with the power of your miracle, lord let the injection given for me work like a miracle and heal my hand totally make my hand normal Now, and lord take away all the pain and infection Now from my body and please please after three months the test result should be normal and please lord let doctor stop the medicines, lord have mercy and heal me Now lord do miracle and heal me Now heal me totally whatever bothering me and bless me with good health peace and happiness forever, lord I am totally broken and feeling stressed out and totally disturbed, lord please come into my life Now hold me heal me change me and strengthen me Now, lord please talk to me once lord feeling very alone, I need you Lord except prayers I have nothing with me Lord, please be with us always lord, lord please wipeoff my tears Now, lord bless me with peace and happiness Now. Lord please heal me with your miracle Now Lord I beg u to please hear my cry Now and heal me and bless me with good health peace and happiness forever amen, lord I beg this and I pray this in your precious name Lord Jesus Amen.

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