Prayer by monica mills

Date & Time:  Sep. 13, 2018 12:59 AM (#1153)
Prayer:  Greetimngs man of God... please please pray for my daughter Dianna Mills, she fell in her mother in law bath tub and facture her ribs, it was bad she could breth she was rushed to the ER she showered and as she stepped out onto rug it took her with it thrwoing her into the bath and hitting her sides real bad, please I am in the UK and she is in Florida wish I was there to help her with the three boys, she was put of work for ten days but cause they need the money she asked to work frm home but she said to me she cant even moved.. the pain is so bad, please please please prayer for her and the boys and her husband so she will be heal asap please pray god take all that pain away she said it is getting worst ... and also prayer that their home started to be built it will be done by Feb next year, praying for a miracle so they will move out of her mother in law home and into their own ... the tiling is very smooth at her in laws home and she used a little rug but she said she had no idea the rug was water log and she slpped so bad... I am begging you please please prayer for a healing hmiracle for my daughter pain and healing please. I thank you kindly and your blessisngs is already there from God...Thank you so very kindly. Monica

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