Prayer by Navi Bhullar

Date & Time:  Jan. 15, 2012 11:36 PM (#118)
Prayer:  Could you please pray for my protection against the evil/ dark forces, curses, psychic/spiritual attacks, ill-wishers and for god to remove the darkness and negativity out of my life. I would like for you to pray for me, my family Pinky, Paul, Sunny and Shelly and relatives to get our memories restored and we all go back to our lives and be freed from the magical trap forever. Pray that noone can ever trap us in any magic on any of us. We've been attacked by dark magic and are suffering from partial memory loss. I would like for you to pray for my recovery, restoration, healing my skin and all of my wounds. May God restore everything that belongs to me. Please do pray for my mental,physical,emotional strength, and mental, physical, spiritual health and financial blessings. May God set me free from all of the pain I'm going through and fill my life with his presence and love. I have faith in the lord, he won't treat me unfair or let someone steal my life and he will put an end to this. May he reveal the truth about the mysterious events that took place and bring me justice. Anyone who wishes me ill or any harm let God fill their heart with love towards me. Thank you for taking the time praying for me. I would like to ask for forgiveness for all of my sins from this and past lives and ask for redemption before the lord. Please add me on your prayer list. May the good always prevail over the evil. God bless everyone!

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