Prayer by William Joseph Sollenberger

Date & Time:  Aug. 04, 2019 07:22 PM (#1236)
Prayer:  Please pray that I will meet a nice older short Asian woman 55 to 60 who is a successful professional woman who is prosperous and lives in a nice townhouse or Condominium for friendship,be best friends and for occasional dating.A nice short Asian woman who will love me as I will love her .A well dressed woman from South Korea, Thailand,Or Japan.I want to visit Houston Texas and be protected by the Angels.I want to miraculously receive fifty million dollars from wealthy source or individual for early retirement with the help from the Angels.I want female friends. I want to meet the lovely Actresses Barbara Eden for friendship,be best friends and for occasional dates.Barbara is very special to me in my heart and I have feelings for her inside.That is why I want to meet her and be best friends and occasionally date.Pleas ask the Angels to help in this matter.I want to move to Lees summit Missouri and and live in a beautiful townhouse or Apartment.I want an interstate highway legal motor scooter.I want to be a better and good person.I want to have good health and perfect teeth with out going to a dentist.I want both an very special Short Asian woman and Actress Barbara Eden to love and be very special to me .And many female friends.Please ask the spirit and the Angels to intervene to make this miraculous happen.please pray .

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