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Date & Time:  Aug. 09, 2019 08:38 PM (#1253)
Prayer:  I have this prayer request.I like to see DeNa bring back the old Avatar online social community Mobamingle a new improved version with new features and the old features with games,music downloading,groups members can create,and groups that are realistic.Avatars based on anime.Avatar shops ,unlimited gold and daily gold allowance.Features that allow members to post photos.Blurts ,and mail so other members can privately chat.An active staff.Disallowing blocking of other members and deleting people on friends list.Also allowing members to write online novels on the site.Showing who is online.Search so other members can find other members.Allowing members to see who is close to them in their area or state or country.A new Mobamingle that is international in every country around the world to attract millions to join and have fun.Also allowing member to report other members who are not following the sites rules .And place those members in penalty before their accounts get suspended if reported again.Also allowing members to live in virtual houses and visit virtual cities and towns.And different virtual chat rooms for other members to chat with each other.A very sophisticated new Mobamingle.

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