Date & Time:  Dec. 08, 2019 02:31 PM (#1290)
Prayer:  In the month of October 2019, I suffered a month of physical trauma. It caused alot of psychological damage to my mind, because I suffered acute sinusitis & laryngitis.

In the month of November 2019, There was a total of 10 Times of sexual perversion, Sleeping around with 10 anonymous sex partners. I did not do this because I was on drugs, or addicted to sex, But my reasoning & motivation was "SLIGHTLY SUICIDAL THOUGHTS THAT I KEPT PRAYING FOR HEALING BUT INSTEAD SUFFERING PERSISTED". at this time, Satan is starting to plant "bombs" in my head, reminding me of the gay sex I had, in the past 30 days, & he wants to steal my sleep. He seeks to send me "panic attacks". He wants to destroy me, both my physical & mental health. Every night is a challenge for me TO FULLY RECEIVE HIS PEACE. I ASK THE PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS WILL CLEANSE MY MIND OF ALL BAD MEMORIES, AND NO EVIL SPIRIT WILL ATTACK MY SPIRIT MAN FROM NOW ON. AMEN.

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