Prayer by Rodriguez Family

Date & Time:  Dec. 16, 2019 05:20 AM (#1292)
Prayer:  My older brother Abraham Rodriguez, the most noble and honest person we have ever known is fighting for his life tonight. He suffered severe brain damage and the doctors have stopped trying for him. They wait for the next morning to do a physical and give a legal verdict. But we know that with the power of prayer and faith, a miracle can save his life.
Abraham fought his whole life with his health. Ever since he was 6, a brain tumor kept him with a mentality and body of a 12 year old by all the chemo he had received. Now he is 26. Has survived cancer but is suffering an unexpected repercussion from the equipment implemented in him all those years ago. Us, the Rodriguez family are humble and ask for a prayer.
It was a prayer and faith that had saved him through all those years of hurt and fear. Now, in his most vulnerable self, he needs a prayer more than anything. Please be merciful and pray for him. Thank you.

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