Prayer by Smithaa Sonam Guptaa

Date & Time:  Feb. 19, 2020 12:36 PM (#1298)
Prayer:  Dear father lord and violet flames, please supernaturally break the curse that enemy hasplaced on incoming finances and abundance of Smithaa Sonam Guptaa. The curse must bebroken upon her employment opportunities and incoming finances. Let there be uninterrupted healing sent by lord for miraculous supernatural finances for smithaa sonam guptaa. Heal all 7 chakras of Smithaa Sonam Guptaa's body and heal all her liver kidney pancreas intestine and uterus and heal her from depression and pcos syndroe. Heal her body mind and soul from satanic blackmagic done on her by enemies. End true genuine helpful supportive honest friends in her life. Please supernaturally help smiSmit Sonam Guptaa to lose allexcess weight due to pcos syndrome. Pleasesupernaturally revive her life and let her tap into opportunities.please let there be light love iracles in her life. Let those curses done by enemies to tie her hands and notlet her have money bebroken permanently from this moment on. Let that miracle of blessed marriage come in her life and let her have a loving genuine honest caring and financially strong life partner come into her life. Let her lonliness and sadness be removed and let all her goals be supernaturally achieved andall her bills be supernaturally payed.remove all people who cheat her inspite ofbeing good .thank you for praying forher. Amen

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