Prayer by mary shygi

Date & Time:  Jul. 05, 2013 08:32 AM (#239)
Prayer:  hi i am shygi
for past 4 years my parents are searching bridegroome for me,but nothing as been settling ,all my cousins are got married ,i am the one left out ,a prayer person told me tat some witchcraft has done to my wedding so tat nothing should settle , i am depressed about this ,i dont know who did this to me and wat they want ,they said withcraft is done by a lady becoz she wants me to marry her son but she has a doubt tat whether my parents will agree or not so she has done this, i am not able to even go to relatives party or functions bcoz relatives would talk about me badly i bcoz i have not got married please ask god wat is happening in my life when will this fininsh and who did this witchcraft to me ,please pray for me

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