Prayer by jyoti

Date & Time:  Aug. 05, 2013 06:56 AM (#273)
Prayer:  God The Trinity i call upon you now with all your powerful Angels & legions,all the Saints along with my Jyoti & Jiju's Guardian Angels in the most crucial time of my life for my marriage to bless me with a decent,conventional,virgin,well-educated Man,A man's from whose rib i am made,who has a long life,My true Soul-mate as my partner.Who will be with me throughout my life as my husband.Lord I give myself jyoti & jiju in your holy hands.Please forgive us for our sins & also the sins of our families & family tree forever.Its been one & a half year I have fallen in deep true love with jiju.I feel he could sense it but I have never expressed my love for him.I feel awkward to express my feelings for him.Holy Spirit & Guardian angels of Jiju please tell him strongly how much i truely love him,bless him to develop true love with firm guidance to him to express his feelings for me.I will die without him.Lord lots of misunderstanding,bitterness,ego problems has developed between us about career issues we donot meet anymore.Jesus you know what is right for both of us & for our highest goods.Cleanse,Heal us mentally,physically & spiritually me jyoti & jiju,our whole life(past,present & future),our thoughts,our parents,families,family trees,our societies & strict rules & regulations,all the blockages that are acting as hinderances in our love & entire life in your precious blood fill all of us with your Holy Spirit guide all of us towards our highest goods forever.Absorb all the Satanic attacks,fears,phobias,curses,negatives from our soul & entire body & burn them in eternal fire so that never come back in our entire life.Please cleanse our misunderstanding in your precious blood & solve it forever.Lord you had planned my life so that I met him,if it is your will,if he is decent trustworthy Man & if everything is well & fine with him in a long run forever,let both of us meet again develop true faith & express our true love for each other & get married within 6months from today without any objections from our parents,families & societies to live happily forever if it is not sin in your eyes please gift me with Jiju as my husband forever in my life if not Jesus please give me a power to forget him now & forever & never be disturbed by his thoughts from now onwards. Lord please bless me with a decent,conventional,well-educated & virgin man My true-soul mate a lovely soul as my life partner with truelove lasting forever in our life as a highest blessings upon us.Keep us protected,safe & blessed forever in our life.Jesus give us a quality to serve humanity.Lord please hear my urge & perform miracles,help us to make best decision for our marriage.I believe all my prayers are heard is done in your precious name.Amen,Alleluia.
Respected please keep me Jyoti & Jiju in your continuous powerful daily prayers & healings,prayers chains for many days & support us tremendously with your prayers.May God bless U a lot always.Amen!!!

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