Prayer by Eric

Date & Time:  Dec. 02, 2013 12:01 AM (#329)
Prayer:  Hi My name is Eric, and my mom's boyfriend is causing arguments in our home and he is disrespectful to my mom and her home and he does not care about her. And he is just using her for what she has, and what she can do for him. And this man does not have God and Jesus in his life and he only brings negativity to my moms home.So i want you to pray to God that this man Earl will stay away from our home and never ever come back. And i want you to pray that the police will arrest him if he does come back to our property. And also pray to God that Earl will have no contact with any of my family members and that he will stay away from them also. And i want you to pray to God and tell him to find a real man for my mother, a God fearing man that has God and Jesus in his life and has a job and takes care of himself and can give my mother the love and respect she deserves. And also pray to God that my mom gets saved and invites Jesus into her heart and soul and starts reading the bible and going to church everyday.And prey that my mom has more than enough money to pay all of her bills, and that she gets a double raise on her job and an extra bonus check every week to pay for her bills and personal needs in JESUS NAME AMEN. Also I pray to find a beautiful wife who i am satisfied with caucasion or mexican, and i pray to have 3 beautiful baby girls. I pray that I get invited to perform at the 2014 grammy awards and all major award shows of 2014. And i pray that my aunt May Lee gets her own home and car and get totally healed of diabetes. And i pray that my cousin Jarrel gets a job and gets a major sports deal playing soccer. I pray that my uncle Nathaniel gets an automobile so he can get back and forth to work. In Jesus name i pray amen. That is my prayer, thanks

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