Prayer by Della

Date & Time:  Feb. 02, 2014 06:04 PM (#362)
Prayer:  I started attending college after my daughter passed because I decided to do something that made me happy. After attending they raised the tuition now they say I have maxed my tuition out and I still do not have a degree. And I have no money to pay for school.My husband is the main person that pays the bills that's why i was going to school to become an interior designer. I have no idea where to get this money from my tuition is 9,2000.00 a year for two classes it is 4,610.00 I want to graduate but I have no options. I been praying for some kind of miracle.I feel so stupid dealing with that school. I only go to school and I don't work because my brother hit me in the head with a trash can and I am sick often. But I struggle through school because it means so much to me to finish. I feel like maybe I do not deserve happiness. I need a big financial miracle but I feel bad about asking God for money. I feel like I went to school to make life better for my family but I made things worse. I love school but I can not afford it. I can't even afford my books and supplies anymore. This stress is making my health worse.

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