Prayer by Sai

Date & Time:  Mar. 22, 2014 02:19 AM (#380)
Prayer:  I want to regain my relationship and friendship with Akhildeep. He was one of my closest friends. I had helped him to get a job at my organisation and we work for the same team.Due to some other friend's interference our relationship was strained last year in the month of July. We were not on talking terms which made things more awkward in the office. I somehow tried to placate things in December by gifting him on his birthday. We talk fine for few weeks and then again he stops talking to me. This hurts me a lot and i get very disturbed emotionally. Somehow things were going on with ups and down until february. In February without my knowledge he was trying to move out of the organisation. For this he faked his resume with my experience which I learnt later. He was not successful in that attempt as he couldnt clear the rounds. But he stopped talking to me as he knows that Iam aware of the fact that he faked my details as his. Inspite of all this, I still dont want to lose him. I really want him back as a friend and I want him to understand and accept the same. Day after day i have been going down emotionally and mentally because of this. I can no longer work in his presence in the same team when he just doesnt talk to me. Its quite uncomfortable at the office as well. Please help me in getting him back and making our relation better again. Please. Thanks so much.

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