Prayer by Ran

Date & Time:  Aug. 30, 2010 04:20 PM (#42)
Prayer:  My wife and I are married for 5yrs.We don't have children.In the middle of infertility treatment she left me suddenly and went to her parents home without any specific reason.We never had any serious fight over anything.I tried to reconcile.But didn't work out.One day thru a lawyer she informed me that she wanted mutual consent divorce.I was deeply shocked and hurt.Unwillingly I had to sign the divorce petition.Her parents are also supporting for divorce.The first phase of the divorce is over and court has given us 6 months time for reconciliation.I still love her very much and am trying to reconcile.But her attitude is negative.Please pray for my wife and her parents to change their minds and for the restoration of our marriage in JESUS name.

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