Prayer by Stephanie

Date & Time:  Sep. 05, 2014 04:19 PM (#477)
Prayer:  Dear God, I am praying constantly for the same things over and over again, please forgive my repetitions. Please grant me your blessings in my career and finances. Please let me make it through this transition at work with a promotion and raise and long-term job security. Please lend me the knowledge, gut instincts, and skills to handle all things that are put in my charge professionally. Lord please also let William’s career goals be realized and that he also get a promotion and a raise and job security. Lord please help my son Anthony keep his emotions under control and not have any more episodes. Please let him graduate High School and keep working at his job successfully. Help him to find his passion in this world. I pray that Sierra and Tabby move out on their own. I pray that we have the money to finish the house, get window coverings and furniture, and that we may have money for our wedding. Lord, Will has test proposed many times, please let him propose officially. Please guard our love from all outside influences. Please help us to be devoted, loyal and deeply in love and committed to only each other. I love him and want to love him in all the always he needs me to love him. Lord I want to be his wife. Thank you for the blessings in our lives. I love you lord. Amen.

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