Prayer by Stephanie

Date & Time:  Sep. 22, 2014 02:34 PM (#488)
Prayer:  Dear God, I pray that William proposes to me. I wish he would look in his heart and find that it is me that is there. That he realizes I make him a better man and to be without me would be horrible. I wish that our romance would be renewed and be stronger than ever before. That our intimacy emotionally and physically improves and increases in frequency and vibration. I wish to love him in all the ways he needs me to. So he feels safe and open and committed to me and only me. I pray that Tabby gets out of my house. I pray that Anthony graduates High School and doesn’t get in trouble anymore and keeps his job. I pray that you bring into his life new friends, so that he has a reason to feel joyful and connected and not lonely and angry and sad. Please I pray that you save my son. I pray that I get a raise and promotion and that I am detail oriented and make a good impression on everyone I meet and work with. I pray that William goes back to days soon and also gets a raise and promotion so that we can have financial security. Amen

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