Prayer by Earnestine Perdue

Date & Time:  Nov. 28, 2015 08:54 AM (#599)
: I feel a very strong connection to ricky mcqueen.i feel we have a twin flame connection.a woman came between us and tore him away from me me.she turned him against me with her lies accussing me of criminal things i havent do.please pray that god expose this or these women with their lies who are against us"me.this is the man i want to marry.i really miss him and no one will understand our connection.i really love and care about him.he was everything i wanted in a man.pray god soften his heart and guide him back to me and to see through the lies being told.pray that ricky talks to me and listens to my truth and what i have to say.pray i am back in his arms where i belong and that god removes this woman and all negative people from his life and mine.amen

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