Prayer by Nickie

Date & Time:  Jan. 25, 2011 10:23 AM (#62)
Prayer:  Dear God and all your angels who are a blessed part of you. Please give me strength of mind and soul. Please help me to find meaningful work with purpose. Please guide me in my interview next week. Let me shine with guidance,affirmations and joy. And please, let my life be filled with abundance and learn to release past hurts and deep pain that has caused so much suffering in my life.
In all this, i send a special thanks and blessing to Ariel, whom I met on a footbrige over water. And she embraced me and held me as a little girl, full of wonder and innocence. Please return me to that holy and special place, Ariel.
And please guide me in the weeks and months ahead,
I ask this in the holy name of Jesus and in the name of the blessed angels who watch over me daily.


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