Prayer by Jyoti Pandey (Guddy)

Date & Time:  Apr. 03, 2016 04:14 AM (#642)
Prayer:  Dear Family,
I hope you are fine & doing good. I am a female of 34 years born on December 02, 1981 & my name is Jyoti. I want to pourdown my heart with you. I had always been hydrophobic, fearful, sad person, had nightmares & saw lots of scary water in my dreams, with lots of headaches, cold problems & illnesses, since I started knowing my this life from my very early childhood. Life seemed very challenging & difficult since then. After i grew up & took a spiritual path just few years back my soul, heart & mind was always telling me that I need past life healings & may be I died by drowning in my past life. Just about a month back i had a past life regression with a lady healer. I could see clearly that I was a female & a male person hold my long hairs banged my head against the big hard rocks many times in a dark aloof black deep broad very broad black scary river with water in all sides with big mountainous rocks on the one side. He banged my head again & again & left me to die there. I have met this person, Mr. B. in this life of mine just few months back. He lives in a other country & i will be meeting him again for about a month. May be after that i will never meet him again. I am so surprised & totally shocked that i died such a painful death. Due to JESUS CHRIST & his teachings I have forgiven him from my side but how do i face him when i meet him in real? What about the wheel of karma, my murderer who committed such a heinous crime on me in my past live Mr. B, is living his this life with lots of ease, praises. I am so surprised & I the innocent victim is still living with by birth depression, hydrophobia, cold allergies & problems with illnesses, unknown sadness, unknown fears,negative feelings,migraine headaches though I have been born & brought in such a decent family & loving family. Please keep me in your daily healings, send me loads of healings, blessings, miracles to clear my past life baggages, my traumas, my death pains,my cries & sufferings, my bad energy exchange with this man B. or other people in my past lives & also to heal my relationship with water which i still believe is life giving not life taking. Thanks so much for being for me there, Please do help me heal fully & move forward in my life to serve humanity. I want to make this life of mine meaningful & fruitful & want to live & die pecefully. THANKYOU SO MUCH, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

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