Prayer by Andrew

Date & Time:  Sep. 12, 2016 08:51 PM (#708)
Prayer:  Hello
My name is Andrew and I ask you kindly to please pray for my wife Carmela and I in the hope that we are worthy of Jesus divine mercy divine help to free us save us deliver us from this medium psychic youssef Mohamed fofana and others whom he has persecute us with witchcrafts black magics voodoo curses and spells and all that he invokes the evilieye evil forces datkness in and on the center of our foreheads and middle of our eyebrows evil forces on our right and left temples our hearts chest breastplate our right and left hands arms palms legs feet soles all that he weakens torments our energies to make us live in anger rage nervousness so that we sin for there sake we forgive and forgave him and others and we hope that we can be forgiven of our sins that allows these betrayals and betrayers since June 17 1994 up until this day and who do not cease seeking the ruin destruction of our health well being sanity peace love and matrimony thank you Andrew God bless you all

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