Prayer by Leslie hamm

Date & Time:  Nov. 07, 2016 05:45 AM (#731)
Prayer:  Prayers for my sister Katrina ,she needs a more reliable car or her car fixed ,she needs an alternator, someone to fix her car,she lives on fixed income,me get a ride home from work tomorrow and Thurs,new lover,new boyfriend,soulmate come into my life,restore, renew reconcile, with Jerry Williams bring him back into my life permanently. That he will talk to me again and call me and come to quincy, I'll again,increase my hours at work .more than 3 days ,25 -35 hrs a week. God to know all my hearts desire. Money for divorce, bankruptcy,a car,get a cat.angels and GOD send a sign.all my prayers answered. Everything on my heart all my worries, for tithing and vows,ect.

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