Prayer by Raymond Phillips

Date & Time:  Feb. 15, 2017 01:55 AM (#771)
Prayer:  PLEASE!! I need you to help me, save me, heal me from the mental torture and suffering that I am going through! I am a 40 year old male and been struck down with depression and anxiety which is tearing my life away!!! I have a beautiful partner and 4 beautiful children who are all watching the man I used to be deteriorating, I have a good job and the main earner for my family which is also in jeopardy right now. Lord I need your help so, so much right now and begging for your mercy and to heal me from this awful illness so I can support and protect my family as before. I have considered ending this all which my be my only relief from this evil illness! I have asked before and you have helped me, PLEASE save my family and I from this downward spiral!!

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