Prayer by Farah

Date & Time:  Mar. 19, 2017 04:38 AM (#795)
Prayer:  Infinite love and light to you and all,
I beg of you to ask God to open the spiritual eyes and ears of me, my son, and daughter. Please pray for us to be happy, healthy, successful, and prosperous. We need infinite healing and I want God to heal us and all our life aspects.
I want God to remove Satan, Satanic forces & energies, black, dark, negative, and satanic energies, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, pain, suffering, strife, evil, loneliness, enemies, pain, suffering, bad luck, poverty, sicknesses, diseases, hair loss, memory loss, ulcer, sadness, fatigue from our lives now and forever. We have suffered for such a long time and I want God to show us how it feels to be happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous.
I want God to end our pain & suffering and these severe tests of faith. We want a pain free life. I beg of you to pray for me, my son, and daughter.
God bless you and all infinitely.

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