Prayer by Jyoti Pandey (Guddy)

Date & Time:  Apr. 20, 2017 11:55 AM (#811)
Prayer:  I have come in front of you all asking for divine intercession from heaven, miracles, protections & huge spiritual support to find a love of my life get married to him & settle down bearing the blessings of marital life. Please send me very special form of healings & prayers to find a chaste, decent, well educated, conventional, one women man, of my age who comes from a good family & have moral values, upbringing like me. Bless us so that both of us get married develop a good healthy bond between us & spend our whole life with each other happily. I request you all to find him in spirit & guide both of us towards each other so that both of us meet & unite with shower of tremendous blessings, love & protections in all aspects throughout our lives. Thanks so much.

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