Prayer by Hj

Date & Time:  Jun. 28, 2017 12:42 PM (#849)
Prayer:  St Therese, thank you. Please pray that I can heal my broken heart, that I can move on. That I can accept that FWG is going to be with someone else.
Please help me to heal and bless the of union, their relationship and future marriage. Please let them be happy and peaceful together. Let them have healthy happy children together. Please let him forget about me and put all his energy into their love. May he fall in love with her more every day. May he be the best partner and father he can be.
May I be at peace, growing and healing and loving myself.
May I find another deep.soul connection who is emotionally available, who is kind, attractive, sober, growing, loving, peaceful, spiritual, sane, awakened, mystical, opekn, honest, good with my daughter and my family, communicative, intelligent, likes dogs, good hygeine, good with money, similar interests and values, and our love is deep and passionate. This or something better
For the higher good of all involved.

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