Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Jun. 30, 2017 02:39 AM (#861)
Prayer:  Thank you for your help..I value it from the bottom of my heart.Father Lord and Violet flame,please remove sickness from my mind body spirit soul,my life,my time on earth and in the eternity of the universe.Remove my physical ugliness and financial poverty permanently.Violet flame remove every curse jinx hex blackmagic satanical blackmagic evil eyes any evilmindcontrol witchcraft done to hurt harm harress me and my family and my house and my job and my finance and my marriage prospect and my fashion sense and talents permanently.heal my life with your flame,my dearest Violet flame.violet flame heal me with youth beauty charisma beautiful skin and face and magnetism charm and powerfully positive aura permanently that no one can steal ever.i have not many clothes ....please Violet flame get me abundant latest trendy beautiful classy wow and every increasing wardrobe which makes me look like princess permanently..I so long to look good like others..Violet flame abundantly get me a miraculously job which is high profile upper crest and I get 200 percent hike in salary and every increasing increments so that I can take care of my and my family's needs wants desire...Violet flame get me my dream glamorous job which is stable every growing.Violet flame,i love you for all ur help.violet flame,my heart desires a ever lasting life partner who enriches my life in every way,may my coming life partner be financially prosperous every loving caring understanding honest well educated financially and socially powerful and cares to be genuine romantic every giving to me..may Violet flame get me the love of my life that I settle down with and live happily every after.may father Lord and Violet flame get me many true genuine helpful friends who help me at all times effortlessly and without expectation and stand by me at all times.Violet flame please fill my boring sad life with productivity fruitfulness and happiness cheerfulness positivity and it should become wow eyes are waiting fr miracles miracles and more miracles.i know and trust Violet flame to do it for me.Amen.

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