Prayer by Claire Wilson

Date & Time:  (#869)
Prayer:  My name is Claire Wilson I'm from North carolina I want to share the amazing thing that DR LAGI has done for me, for 2 years I passed through the pain of issue of blood that caused me so much shame and drained my resources as I moved from one hospital to another I also went to UNC medical center in Chapel hill north carolina but they failed me, so I said if it is my faith to die I will accept it. One morning my friend came to visit me she told me that there is powerful man who can cure me, she said that she held her fellow worker discussing how DR LAGI helped him to bring back his girlfriend and how DR LAGI has helped a lot of people with different problems and she remembered my problem so she quickly collected his email and gave it to me I didn't wanted to emailed him because I am a Christian but looking at my condition I emailed him and I told him my problem he said that he will help me he told me to give him some time to consult the gods. 2 days after he told me that the spell was done that I am free from that sickness so I went to see my doctor she did some test on me and told me that there is no sign of it in my blood that it was a miracle I was so so happy. Thanks to DR LAGI my problem is gone. If you find yourself in any situation don't hesitate to email him at [email protected] you can also visit his website at

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