Prayer by Neelam Kiran guptaa

Date & Time:  Jul. 10, 2017 10:27 PM (#878)
Prayer:  Dear father Lord and Violet flame,miraculously and powerfully and permanently destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic,jinx,curse,hex,sorcery,witchcraft,satanical attack,any cursed items,evil eye,spiritual wickedness,sickness,any paranormal attack over any dimension of her life,finance,youth and beauty,success,happiness,pprosperity and relationships.Heal every moment of her time with joy,happiness,positivity,prosperity,youth,power,growth and development and every growing finance permanently.heal all her relationships with everyone and the universe and her guarding angels.May she continuously receive love and respect,genuine care and affection from everyone.Destroy the power of her jealous colleagues over her life,her job,promotion and any attacks by her jealous colleagues on relationship and her money power and good health.Father Lord and Violet flame,heal neelam Kiran guptaa mind peer with clarity,mental sharpness,power learning and fast learning and photographic memory,power to understand and apply knowledge at right time and right place and in right way to get maximum benefits.Heal her job that she doesn't have to work hard but instead keeps getting promotion in designation and salary,by your grace and will.Father Lord and Violet flame permanently heal her skin problem and make it super beautiful,heal her eyesight that she can see clearly without her spectacles and heal her hearing power that she can even hear soft whispers,heal her bones,viens,blood,kidney,liver,digestive system,her uterus so that she gets her menstrual cycle without any delay and regularly and may all this be permanent,by your grace and will.May neelam Kiran guptaa get an amazing life partner who deeply loves and expresses his love for her,is well mannered and well educated,financially sound,stable and every growing,fun,happy,positive,honest with her,caring and understanding and they both should be understanding and happy with each other.father Lord and Violet flame destroy the demonic attack over her love life permanently and heal her love life to the core.Remove unhappiness,melancholy,deep routed sadness ,resentment from her life.May the father Lord and Violet permanently cover this girl under their protection that she is protected and blessed at all times.may father Lord,heal her dimension of thoughts,words and action and heal her speech power with clarity and fluent grammatical English,conversation skills,without stammering and fear.heal her to talk with right people at the right time,right place,right words,bless her with diplomacy and tact and art of keeping things from people who shouldn't know what they shouldn't know permanently.Heal this girl with great love for family.Heal this girls mind body spirit soul blood Viens bones tissues liver and kidney.may this be true now and forever and until eternity.Amen.

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