Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Jul. 10, 2017 11:12 PM (#879)
Prayer:  Father lord and Violet flame,please powerfully and miraculously and permanently destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic,jinx,curse,hex,spiritual wickedness,cursed items,sorcery,witchcraft,evileyes,satanical influence,vodoo,hoodo,cursed food and drinks and cursed places over any dimension of smithaa sonam guptaa life,health,wealth,prosperity,finance,relationship,growth,youth and beauty,wisdom and powers.Heal the mind body spirit soul blood bones Viens,tissues of smithaa sonam guptaa.Heal and powerfully protect all virtues and talents and blessings of smithaa sonam guptaa.Heal all relationship of smithaa sonam guptaa with herself,everyone and the universe and the god and the angels and the Violet flames permanently.Destroy permanently the power of lonliness unhappiness melancholy poverty distress sickness mental madness .Heal the wisdom,clarity of mind,accurate judgement,mental sharpness,photographic memory,focus,attention,understanding,work power,ability to study learn and apply knowledge of smithaa sonam guptaa permanently.destroy the power of jealous colleagues and bosses who are blocking career growth and salary increment and causing reputational harm permanently.Heal smithaa guptaa life with a dream job and every increasing salary and saving to meet the goals,needs and desires of life permanently.Heal the skin of smithaa sonam guptaa with youth beauty charm charisma and remove skin black spots and better complexion.Heal the time of smithaa guptaa with cheerfulness positivity productivity usefulness learning growth and development permanently.please find favours for her in everyone's eyes.Father lord and Violet flame remove demonic attacks from the relationship of smithaa sonam guptaa and heal her life with this perfect life partner who is well educated and well mannered,financiallybsupersound,stable and ever growing,uppercrest,socially powerful and respectful and caring loving,honest,understandung,fun and may we both be madly in love with each other and a lasting marriage.May the father Lord and Violet flame powerfully protect and shield smithaa sonam guptaa and her house permanently,let no demonic attack touch her.Father lord,heal the speech power of smithaa sonam guptaa with clarity diction fluency,right vocabulary and speak English fluently and at right time,right place and with right people to get maximum profits from them permanently.permanently heal the dressing sense of smithaa sonam guptaa with elegance,beauty,trendy,classy and rich in every way permanently.Heal her relationship with father Lord and Violet flame permanently.violet flame destroy the power of all those souls who are playing politics and not letting any good to come to her.Father Lord,heal the power of smithaa sonam guptaa to learn and grow with each day and permanently increase the world abilities of diplomacy and tactfulness,smartness,sharpness.Permanently enhance the spiritual powers and ability to know secret knowledge that works.Bless smithaa sonam guptaa house with cleanliness,clean pure vibrant energy,free from demonic attacks,filled with luxury beautiful things,up to date,aesthetically beautiful and with right furniture and glowingvwith abundance and prosperity and productivity permanently.May this be true now and forever and until eternity.Amen.

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