Prayer by Neelam Kiran guptaa

Date & Time:  Jul. 12, 2017 08:00 PM (#887)
Prayer:  Dearest loving Violet flame and Loving Angels and Loving Father Lord,miraculously powerfully positively permanently bless protect heal neelam Kiran guptaa in mind body spirit soul blood Viens muscles bones tissues and mental powers and every dimensions of her life.Destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic curse jinx hex evil eyes spiritual wickedness sorcery witchcraft or any negativity done to hurt harm harress her in her job ,in her health,in wisdom,in her love relationships or any dimension of her life.father Lord and Violet flame permanently destroy the power and effect of any psychic attack,witchcraft done by her evil colleagues at work permanently.destroy the power if her evil colleague to hurt insult humiliate her.destroy the power of her evil bosses and colleagues who are taxing her with unnecessary work.By the power of Violet Flame,heal the beauty youth glamour physical fitness,finance,wisdom,relationships,laughter,cheerfulness of neelam Kiran guptaa.Dearest Violet flame,destroy the power of any mind body sickness in her.Heal her in every ways.Dearest Violet flame ,by ur mighty miracle make neelam Kiran Gupta's white skin more fairer clear supple smooth charming wrinkle free ,youthful,clear of dark spots permanently that she looks and feels charismatic.Heal her listening power,heal her eyesight that she can see without her spectacles,heal her speech power with sweetness in her voice which melts everyone and with clear diction,powerfull vocabulary and right voice modulation with clear fluency in English language.Violet flame groom this girl into super hot classy trendy beautiful articulate young girl.Dearest Violet flame fill neelam kiran guptaa with mental sharpness,wisdom,clarity,diplomacy,photographic memory and ability to learn understand remember and apply knowledge for her own benefit and that of family.Heal her and permanently upskill her and positive growth in career and finance.By the power of Violet flame,increase her power to earn continuous ever growing money and take care of wants needs desires and yet be able to save money and multiply money permanently.Heal the life of neelam Kiran guptaa with abundant luxury,finance and every growing materialistic assests permanently.Heal her life with powerful knowledge,true genuine helpful friends.Father Lord permanently make neelam kiran guptaa do power dressing which helps her to get what she the power of Violet flame,permanently make neelamkiran kiranuptaa guptaa's physically for,very thin curvatous body oozing with beauty youthful power and very attractive body.Heal her life with rich powerful protective caring well educated true genuine helpful friends who help her at all times without asking.Dearest Violet flame send that perfect life partner now in her life who is single well educated well mannered ,sharp ,understanding,loving caring,honest with her,fun loving,financially powerfully growing sound stable and treats her like his queen and may they both be madly in love and enjoy luxury riches love together and permanently.permanently destroy the power of all those jealous evil eyes political troublecausing spying colleagues.dearest Violet flame powerfully protect her at all times,May this be true now and forever and until eternity.Amen.Thank you.

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