Prayer by Neelam Kiran guptaa

Date & Time:  Jul. 14, 2017 06:56 PM (#892)
Prayer:  dearest Violet flame,by your miracle and that of our father Lord,remove every sickness,fever,sinus problem,migraine,cough,cold body ache,digestion problem and all sickness from head to toe permanently.remove every sickness which has been caused by evil eyes permanently.Father Lord,Heal the body mind spirit soul with utmost positivity,vigour,power,youth,beauty,vitality,strength,stamina for neelam kiran guptaa permanently.Heal her dressing sense and make her look classy sauce trendy elite elegant beautiful permanently.Heal her power of mind,make her sharp clever, good sense of humour,ability to understand and remember things,best time management skills,positive attitude,happiness,cheerfulness,power to understand who her friends and enemies are,adaptability,flexibility,convincing skills,fearless permanently.Remove all toxic and stress from her and all dimensions of her life permanently.May she be guarded and guided by angels permanently.Heal all her resources.Let finance flow in like the gushing waterfall,may she be enlightened to use it effectively for needs wants desire and yet invest money where her savings multiple and there are no financial losses permanently.Make neelam kiran guptaa fair skin more clearer,spot free,acne free,glowing supple charming beautiful,oozing with freshness all the time and make her skin much more fairer youthful permanently.Fill her face with youth charm attractiveness beauty,beautiful expression , enigmatic,filled with positive attraction permanently.May she learn new powerful career and personal development skills which will boost her resume effortlessly.May she speak fluent English without any fear or mistakes permanently.May she enjoy the luxury,riches that she was deprived off earlier in her life .Heal her heart to be powerful strong and capable of making right decision.heal the good relationship between her and her sister smithaa sonam guptaa,let their be more fun,humour ,happiness,sharing ,caring,unity,respect for each other.Send her prince charming now,who is well mannered and well educated and financially powerful resourceful and every growing financially and takes care of her needs,wants ,desires.may he be the caring loving honest understanding ,socially powerful and loads of fun and they both get married and settle down happily ever after and permanently.Destroy the power of her jealous colleagues and friends who are not letting her progress and may she rise and shine above all permanently.Thank you Violet flame and father Lord,so mote it be.Amen Amen Amen.

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