Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Jul. 15, 2017 02:41 AM (#893)
Prayer:  Dearest Violet flame and father Lord,please please please destroy the power and attacks of demons,blackmagic,jinx,curse,hex,spiritualwickedness,sorcery,witchcraft,negativity,evil eyes,sorcery upon smithaa sonam guptaa and mother and entire family members and house permanently.Father Lord,make smithaa sonam guptaa free from sickness permanently.father Lord and Violet flame,make smithaa sonam guptaa,physically very thin curvatous,oozing with class,grace,elegance,sexuality,sensuality,youthpower and beauty permanently.Permanently heal the positive energies of smithaa sonam guptaa that no can destroy,steal,stop from her.Father lord and Violet flame,increase the intuitive powers,clairvoyance,mental sharpness,right accurate judgement of all things,p power mental understanding and mental retention ,cleverness,smartness,logical thinking,increased skills for personal and professional development.Heal time management skills that every work personal or professional is delivered effortlessly within time lines ,more efficiently,more accurately with maximum results.Father lord fill smithaa sonam guptaa with joy happiness laughter fun positivity,positive attitude.Father Lord and Violet Flame,cleanse,purify powerfully all situation of smithaa sonam Gupta's life and make her rule like a princess permanently.Heal the finances if smithaa sonam guptaa that the universe with the power of Violet Flame is permanently blessing with every increasing abundantly growing finance,riches,luxury,happiness and powerful savings.Heal the skin condition of smithaa sonam guptaa,turn the white skin of her,into 10times more fairer skin with youth charisma spot free skin permanently.Make smithaa sonam Gupta's face very beautiful attractive,rich looking,blemish free,powerfully youthful,enigmatic,angelic and diva like permanently.May my current job be powerful safe and free from any political pressure and my new job that I have applied for should reward me abundantly with hundred percent increase in Salary and vertically higher designation and free from any office politics and negative people.Reward the life of smithaa sonam guptaa with true genuine helpful friends who are always there for her and they are enriching and smithaa sonam benefits from them without they knowing about it.Send an amazing life partner who is socially powerful and influential,financially everygrowing stable powerful and madly in love with her,respectful,understanding,resourcefull,spends quality time, honest,caring,uppercrest,handsome looking and well cultured,well mannered,and they both are madly in love with each other and get married and happily life ever after.May this be true now and forever and until Eternity.Thank you Violet Flame.

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