Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  Jul. 16, 2017 04:49 AM (#896)
Prayer:  Dearest Violet flame, brung fun adventure happiness in my life.. Remove unhappiness, lonliness es sadness, misunderstanding,unforgiveness, anger, frustration, hardships from the lives of smithaa sonam guptaa AND neelam kiran guptaa. VIOLET FLAME,i hve been trying to clear clutter from my house, for some reason,for no reason, its getting delayed, so violet flame, today clear my house miraculously from any junk and clutter and my house should be renewed refresh with powerful positive vibrant happy energy with classy furniture, latest electronics and walls coloured with smooth textures.. With latest trendy sexy classy clothes and accessories, awesome and healthy food stuff and house free from dirt filth and house full of angels. House full of laughter joy relaxed yet positive energy

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