Prayer by Smithaa sonam guptaa

Date & Time:  (#929)
Prayer:  By the purest mighty power, dearest violet flame, please bless protect heal smithaa sonam guptaa abundantly with pure powerful energy, infinite financial and good health abundance,youth and beauty, ultimate wisdom in every sphere of life, powerfully positive destiny and enjoy its benefits, cheerfulness, materialistic abundance and its benefits,uppercrest life and luxury and job, amazing honest loving caring financially sound life partner and true genuine helpful friends permanently that no one can steal, borrow, hex, curse or destroy.Violet flame find me favours of all, heal my finances and whatever i buy should be ultimate wow beneficial life enriching and transforming powerfully new resourceful at dirt cheap pricing that are like buying peanuts, that are like buying real diamonds at the price of coal permanently.dearest violet flame, destroy the power and effect of evil eyes, jinx, curse, hex,negativity, blockages, hindrances, delays, failures,rejections, blackmagic,ill health in mind and body, bad relationships,spiritual wickedness, confusion, evil souls and entities and social financial politics and anything holding me back from good permanently . Heal my job please, get me a well paying elite uppercrust job with higher designation and superfast growth now please please please so that i can take care of wants needs desires of me and my family.heal my skin to be beautiful milkwhite spotfree now permanently. Fill smithaa sonam with youth beauty sensuality class elite elegance trendy classy permanently.get me all the technological device gadgets that i desire and desperately need and i own it effortlessly and i get the best.bring blessing of all the angels upons smithaa sonam permanently. Reveal to smithaa sonam guptaa, the secret powerful knowledge that really works and that of spiritual and occult powers.fill smithaa sonam guptaa with beautiful clear melodious perfectly intonated voice and may she speak all languages fluently effortlessly diction, articulation and at the right time right place with right people effortlessly.fill smithaa sonam with mental sharpness, clairvoyance, wisdom, cleverness, great negotiation skills, ability to understand and learn things easily, great effective time management, accurate manipulation of resources for maximum benefits, power,positive aura, people management skills,uppercrest life permanently. May this be true now and forever and permanently. Thank you VIOLET flame million billion zillions times.AMEN

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