Prayer by Neelam kiran guptaa

Date & Time:  (#930)
Prayer:  By the mighty power and glory of father lord and violet flame,miraculuosly and powerfully and abundantly bless protect heal all dimension aspects of neelam kiran guptaa permanently.Make neelamkiran guptaa permanently very thin, curvatious,youthful, oozing with beauty, fitness and free from all sickness physically. May neelam have improved fortified stamina, vigour vitality, youth physically and mentally cheerfulness, positivity,clarity, freedom from confusion and confused situation, mental sharpness, great mental retention, freedom frim anger and frustration, increased ability to learn assimilate understand and retain information,positive aura permanently that no one can steal hex curse or destroy and she enjoys its increased benefits.make neelam kiran guptaa dull skin into youthful luscious clean clear milkwhite supple glowing attractive skin permanently. May neelam kiran guptaa recieve abundant finance continuosly and every increasing permanently and may she and her families needs wants desires are met. Heal the tingue of neelam kiran guptaa, may she have right sense of timings, right words to the right people for maximim benefits permanently. May she speak and understand grammatically error free, fluent English with diction, articulation, without stammering fearlessly and permanently. Make neelam kiran guptaa efficient, effective time management and effective people management, right art of people management skills, find favours of all, utilises resources effectively for herself and family for maximum benefits permanently.Fill neelam kiran guptaa with positive attitude,cheerfulness, abundant happiness,mindfulness,mental strength, powerfully positive aura permanently.may there be a powerful positive personality development that transforms her into powerful successful young woman permanently. Heal her wounded heart and stop all negative emotions of anger selfharm frustration snapping and replace negative emotiin with recieving genuine honest love and affection respect care genuine friendlinessfrom all permanently. Please get her brand new classy rich elegant uppercrest clothes that she is longing for. Renew her house with classy furniture,useful gadgets, clothes, accessory, beautiful useful things that she needs wants desires permanently.with every passing day, neelamkiran guptaa is looking youthful beautiful glowing permanently. Destroy the power of negativity that her evil colleagues and bosses are usung against her and her family and any dimension of her life permanently. Destroy the power and effect of any blackmagic jinx curse hex spiritual wickedness, sorcery, witchcraft, negative auras, souls entity,evil mental and emotionalmanipulation done to hurt harm harress her permanently. Thank you violet flame. Amen

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